What is rock’n roll and where does it come from?

What is rock’n roll? And where does rock’n roll from? Rock’n roll is an offshoot of the blues. The rock and roll revolutionized among the youth of that time. The rock and roll is the prototype of today’s pop music. It used as a simple form of entertainment for the people who lived at that time. Music began to be a way of life, especially among the young.

Rock’n Roll began with the blues. Blues is not only the origins of jazz, but also of the rock’n roll. The blues is a relatively simple music. Therefore, it may have also had remarkable how much influence such a simple style to the music world. Everywhere black people worked and lived you heard plenty blues music, blues, therefore, is a form of black music. This blues music was later branched out to the jazz music and the rock’n roll.

The Revolution

After Elvis had sparked the revolution of the youth, there was no stopping him. Also thanks to Elvis, there was a new style. The rock’n roll. People started him then quickly called the king of rock’n roll.

Elvis-Presley-68-Comeback-Special-Guitar-RingRock and roll emerged from the combination of two racial musical genres. Elvis Presley was not the first who dared to it, but the most successful. He not only sang like a black, but he moved and talked so. With his music, he hit a bridge between the two populations.

The American teenagers loved Elvis and his music exactly what they were looking for. Rock and roll was the music around which for the first time, especially in the United States, on a massive scale has developed a youth culture. For young people, it was a means to differentiate themselves from their parents.

The Beatles was the ancestor of contemporary rock. By the end of the sixties shots substyles rock music like mushrooms from the ground. Were researched, also musically. Jimi Hendrix took when his psychedelic blues rock improbable sounds from his electric guitar. He used effects and techniques that no one had seen or heard. Music hero even played guitar behind his back or with his teeth. Hendrix’s influence in many musical styles, from hard rock to funk to find back.


Mid-seventies, the short-lived punk music. The followers of punk were rebellious, and it was eminently protest music, both musically and socially. The punk musicians had nothing to do with the excess of perfection and technique drop the prevailing rockers. The punks did not so much with authority and sought personal freedom. Their appearance was on. Spiked hairstyle, clothes with cracks and many anti-jewelry, such as bicycle chains and safety pins.

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