The world of stones

Stones are among the oldest inhabitants of this earth. The world of minerals where the stones are made up is our world. If we could understand the language of the stones, the stone would be much to tell us know. Maybe you going to understand something of what a simple stone has to tell you … it comes naturally to you and it seems like your imagination runs away with you as the stone tells for example that he was once part of a large rock at the edge of the sea. When the rock broke off and broke into thousands of pieces, which were taken by the sea. Until you found this small smooth cut stone on the beach, it had never had contact with a human. But even the stones can make contact. A stone can sleep, but can also be very awake. If you find such a stone awake, listen carefully. A stone has much to say, stones events. But have more to do with us as people than you might think.

stoneThe character of a stone
The precious and semiprecious stones are very specific in their nature. A stone that you find somewhere in your path, which appeals because of its shape or color or gloss, or to appoint a not so easy reason except that he attracts you, you can probably learn more than a stone that you buy for its effect color or in a store. Even stones have their own character and preferences. Virtually every stone has the ability to communicate and the need for it. A stone on the beach you will find perhaps feel what feels grass.

Animal and human figures in stone
The form that you see in a few talks about his history, or what he saw and what he can. Often you see animal forms such as the sleuth of a wolf, which is a toe investigators who can help you to explore and learn more. Many stones are detectives toes. Sometimes you see big rock formations and it looks like there are recognize faces. Which can. People and cultures of times that lie far before our history have left their traces, their lives and struggles, as a human being and people. The intensity of their life has carved the stones, so that over time the memory becomes visible to the intense life in the rock formations. Our mother earth is one big memory. The shape power lies in the dust taking the time to shape history.

Stones and time
There is nothing on this earth older than the stone. Some stones have occurred during the legislative history of the earth. The influence of a stone on a man as he carries it with him, can be both immediately apparent, as only after a longer or shorter time. Time for a stone has a different value than for the human being. The beauty is that the stone has all the time. We can still learn.

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