The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are a wonderful creation of nature. Their beautiful and lively colors are revered by every culture in the world. Their fragrance is awesome and their use is associated with almost all holidays and events. Flowers just make us feel much better. Flowers are symbolic. Many different cultures all over the world see flowers as symbolic, and have further meaning than just fairly colors.

flowersGenerally giving flowers to someone is the best way to say that you love, respect or treasure them, but there are deeper meanings that are available in both the type of flowers you give and the color of the flowers as well. Comprehending the symbolic meaning of flowers can help make your gift of flowers more substantial and may help you to unlock the clues of the feelings of someone who sends flowers to you.

Roses, the most frequently given flower there is, have different meanings for each color. Though some colors may represent messages of friendship or family, most apply to couples, typically meaning love or passion. This is particularly true of red roses.

Carnations, originally from the Near East, are symbolic of love and reverence, prosperity and will. The lighter varieties symbolize admiration, while darker ones stand for deep attraction. Green carnations are very prevalent in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, while Striped carnations have historically been associated with stories of lost or forbidden love.

Lilies and water lilies, which are the second and third most commonly given flowers, respectively, also carry a variety of meanings. White lilies, the most common, are a symbol of purity and majesty, whereas orange lilies symbolize wealth, hatred and pride. Water lilies denote purity of heart or eloquence.

Sunflowers, the fourth most commonly given flower, signifies homage and devotion. The meaning behind this flower is made from the fact that, much like a devoted follower, sunflowers will turn to ‘follow’ the sun throughout the day.

Sending someone flowers is symbolic regardless of the bloom. People love to receive flowers. Combined bouquets or one favorite flower can symbolize that you are just thinking of the person and wanted them to have a smile on their faces. Many of the traditional flowers are carried on in wedding bouquets.

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