The Phenomenon of Elvis Presley

Elvis (Aaron) Presley was born on January 8, 1935 and died August 16, 1977. He was the founder of the rock and roll history. The music was known and popular in those days, changed thanks to Elvis. As a child, Elvis Presley got a guitar for his birthday. He quickly learned to play the notes. Already at the age of ten, he takes part in a music contest.

elvisAt a young age Elvis guitar gets for his birthday and it is his uncle Vester who teaches him. His parents thought he had a beautiful voice and is specified for a music contest. It also appears the jury impressed. off from school, he is a truck driver and at the age of 18, he decided, for a few dollars to take a picture in the Sun Studio. The secretary there appeared deeply impressed and got the owner Sam Phillips far as to invite him. In 1954 he made ​​his first record. That’s allright Mama had a direct impact in the area and went live.

Impact on American youth
Wherever he went, his impact was immense. He stood for the changing, rebellious late 50s. Click here to view more Elvis Presley collectible gifts.

Even today, years after his death, Elvis still has millions of fans. They continue to play his music and search for CDs or LPs and the other people who identify themselves with Elvis. They dress like Elvis in the extravagant stage outfits, the black hair dye and in the coupe haircut like Elvis and want to live a life like Elvis. We now know that Elvis is not always suffering a happy life, and yet get real fans that things like what Elvis made ​​up idol.

Comeback artist
When he was out among the Hollywood contracts he went touring again and came on television at NBC. It would later become the most watched show. Las Vegas with the glitz and glamor shows was frequently violated. In his jumpsuits he crossed the United States, culminating in the Aloha from Hawaii show that was broadcast via satellite around the world. Nearly 1.5 billion people have seen the show, unprecedented for that time.

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