The lure of the sea

We all experience it differently, but for many people the sea has great appeal.  Everyone has a reason to love the sea, but the fact is that many people do something with it.  The sea, a vital component for the development of life on earth, is a large area with a huge amount of water. A sea is connected to another sea or an ocean. The ocean is a completely independent (self-circulation), the sea on the other hand has a bottom that belongs to a continent. There are also inland seas and you speak of as the connections between different seas is narrow or more straits (narrow passage between two seas) are. The sea is fed by rainwater and rivers flowing.

seaIt starts with the agility of the sea and the fact that there is always buzz. That is very attractive for many people, because there is always something to see and hear. Every moment is a unique moment, every time.Furthermore, the sea gives a vista and although at one time more than other times (well, fog hear coming up from), the fantasy will help you as almost self-evident. It gives the mind as it were space to think and can for the creative spirit enormously inspiring working and otherwise let the artist in any case easy dream.

By the sea “Whirling” or “catch their breath” as we often call it, is for many refueling in this hectic society. A society again we set ourselves of everything and especially “should”, should also provide a haven to handle it. The sea is for many a place to accomplish this. Whether it is enjoying the sun, the sea always something a little nicer if you’re nice to walk quite a bit along the coastline, though do not in company your dog.

Even in the fall and winter months it is found to be extremely attractive to go to sea. And we have not even talked about the people who go on or into the sea. Boating gives space, literally and figuratively. The motorboat indicates there is still speed when and amplifies the powerful feeling of what gives this to the water. The sailboat makes you feel the force of the wind on the water extra and makes you more at one with nature. For those in the water, with fish, plants and corals, can be fascinated, the sea is beautiful and gives peace, because the peace that comes from the depth is overwhelming for many people.It is a certain pressure that forces you to remain calm. Finally, the swimmer physically compete with the forces of the sea, except that it is fine for the condition and the endorphins created by far to work, the water carries, as it were and that gives another form of rest.

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