Surfing and Yoga: The Kiss of God

Surfing and yoga have a lot in common. Surfing has a similar spiritual side of yoga. World famous surfer late Andy Irons described the experience of surfing as the “Kiss of God.” Not all surfers will illuminate the spiritual side of surfing, nor will they all try out yoga. Yet they will understand what referred Irons. By riding the waves creates an acceptance of what “is” and connects the surfer with the ocean and its movement.


yogaIn several health Retreats, Yoga and surfing combined. Surfing is increasingly recognized as an active form of yoga that brings about a connection with the natural world and inner peace. Respect the ocean and its action is paramount, without respect and humility are the waves wasted on you. Like yoga surf confronts you with mental blocks. What happens in your mind and emotions reflected in your surfing, and vice versa: you surf affects your inner world. The problem in your head is your problem in the water and that is immediately noticeable when you are overwhelmed by the waves and are at the mercy of the swell of the ocean.

Yoga Philosophy and Surfing


The effect of surfing can be compared to various concepts of yoga philosophy. An important concept of yoga is Ahimsha , nonviolence. Nonviolence is here especially about the omission of (self) sentenced piece and also to respect all forms of life. When you paddle through the waves breaking on the way to the back line where you’re hoping to find the best waves is what you often encounter a reflection of your own mentality; are you afraid of the waves get bigger, do you think you can not do it then you can not. This kind of thoughts are forms of sentencing. And when you have no respect for the ocean than you are immerged in the waxing motion of a sudden breaking wave. So you never forget the power of this natural disaster.


Also Aparigraha exists in surfing. Aparigraha is letting go of desire for possession and releasing material (including mental and emotional states to be understood). Letting go means you do not attach and do not try to control your environment. As in life, the ocean is in constant motion. Waves come and go, they change shape, ending at the beach or on the rocks, but always the energy of the wave returns to the ocean to form a new wave there. Thus creating an endless game of movement that release and acceptance are needed. The yogi accepts that everything is changing and transient nature.


What Irons described the unit was with the divine, or the unit life: Samadhi , a core concept for the yogi. Samadhi is a state of consciousness in which the yogi becomes one with the ultimate “being” which, according to yoga philosophy all forms of existence are animated. Because of its closeness to the ocean also reaches the surfer experience of Samadhi.

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