Enjoy The Autumn Nature

Nature has beautiful images in any season, one season might be something more than the other. Yet, if you look really good in every season to identify the specific characteristics of that season and you can enjoy it. You just really want to see it and use all your senses to take it in you.

The natural process

AutumnAutumn is the image of dejection, gloomy, glum … and only while. But until late autumn it is in Western Europe often have great weather. A gentle temperature and only the falling leaves. But that leaves all have beautiful colors, because first they are still yellow and red, and only when they are really ready to live, they shrivel after various shades of brown to new foods for the same nature. When you next seeing all this fancy stuff also natural process can imagine it, then it will only get better. How ingenious is the fact, among other things, to make your own leaves again the new power supply for the new season.

Grab it in the morning

If you want to learn to really enjoy all seasons, it is actually the fall season may be the best to start with. Spring we all know, it buds and all the smells and colors dazzle. Autumn takes a little more but get this out on. A perfect start is the early morning. A morning that man actually is not as active and that is either very early or the morning of a weekend. Go into nature, close your eyes occasionally so your audience takes over. Grab some to smell and feel and look at everything that happens in this season is going to happen or is already happening. Where you able to find the place! The typical autumn features, making it even more worthwhile.

Put your senses

combine with what you now see the scents of nature this autumn in the morning. You smell the different scents of autumn nature and smells example materially different from the spring nature. But no less tasty, feels and smells like something slowly completed … and of course it is. If you pick up leaves and these leaves smell than a scent that is not dirty, but often quite emphatic. But the best thing is that when you try to take some distance, you see all kinds of colors in the overall picture of your scope and actually much more than that of the spring.

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