Ambient Music: background music with a certain atmosphere

What is ambient?
ambientAmbient music is a form of background music and trying to evoke a specific mood in the listener by strengthening the peculiar and unusual sounds, acoustic and atmospheric. Creating soundscapes is emphasized more than the creation of a song or composition. The music is usually very clear about and can lead the listener to experience serenity and inner peace so the feeling grows that space is free to think. But there can also be created a dark and morbid depressive atmosphere. There is extensive use of electronic musical instruments such as the synthesizer, sampler and sequencer. In essence, ambient music emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional structure or rhythm. Ambient music is often very conceptual and experimental in style, which is said to cause an atmospheric, visual and non intrusive sensation.

History and Developments
Brian Eno is seen as the pioneer who gave in the 70’s ambient music fame, but was actually the beginning of last century experimental music of the Italian soundscape artist Russolo who interwove industrial sounds in his works in 1913. The real breakthrough came in the ambient of the 90s of the last century with the rise of ambient house, although this is not strictly true ambient music is more because the combination with acid-house there rhythmic sounds are added.

The so-called Chillout music started within British ecstasy (XTC) drug culture, which was played originally in downtempo ‘chillout rooms’, where in addition to the main dance floor in separate room’s ambient, dub and downtempo beats were played to soothe the tripping mind. With the advent of the Internet, home computers and later the laptop is ambient music easily entered the living room. Also, to make it quite simple, if you buy install the right software and a good synthesizer or keyboard. The number of releases this has increased dramatically, so much so that you do a little flabbergasted from there.

Impact on the health and peace of mind
Because ambient music is trying to create a certain feeling the music is frequently used to make you feel relaxed and calm by. Some tracks are good to hold the inner focus on certain mental representations. In recent decades, more and more has become known about the effect of music on health and the mind or the mind. Certain pitches make people drowsy and sleepy, or just very full of joy and elated. Other sounds ensure that attention is distracted from what is spoken which ambient can be a support therapy and healing. The exact alignment of a certain frequency of the sound spectrum is used as a healing agent to repair DNA. So you can listen to ambient tracks based on the frequency of 528 Hertz to bring the energies of the heart chakra balance and recover. The healing rather drone ambient music is perceived as very pleasant to hear and conjures up lovingly, are refreshing and invigorating.

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